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SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East explains how to prevent water damage.

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Water damages can destroy valuable property. Here are the steps you can take to prevent water damage from plumbing leaks.

Water is only supposed to be regulated within the building structure, like sinks, drain pipes, and basins. Walls, floors, and basements should never come into contact with water.

But that’s not always the case, these structures are often exposed to water due to plumbing leaks, resulting in damage to the property structure and belongings.

With this in mind, the water damage restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East have put together tips to prevent water damage from plumbing leaks.

Steps that can be taken to prevent water damage from plumbing leaks

1. Lower Water Pressure

High water pressure is good when you shower or fill a stockpot, but it stresses your pipes, making a plumbing leak more likely. High water pressure dramatically lowers the life of your plumbing as it puts more strain on your pipe joints, appliance valves, and faucets.

The standard pressure ranges from 40 to 85 psi. If it's above that range, a plumber should install a pressure reducer to lower the water pressure.

2. Inspect the Sinks and Drains

Avoid dumping cooking grease down the drain to keep your sinks and drains in good working order. Grease can congeal and cling to pipes whether you flush them with hot or cold water. This causes significant damage or prevents water flow.

When using chemical drain cleaners, be cautious. They may be convenient, but they can eat away at your pipes and cause leaks.

3. Maintain Your Boiler on a Regular Basis

Boiler leaks are prevalent, especially in older units that aren’t serviced regularly. Although a boiler leak may not appear to be a significant problem, it can result in substantial water damage. The moisture can damage your walls or floor. It’s important to invite a professional to fix boiler leaks and service them regularly.

4. Install Leak Detectors

A leak detector is an electronic device that detects water or flooding and sounds an alert. There are different models of these devices. Some have Wi-Fi connectivity, phone alerts, temperature sensors, and more.

You can install these devices in critical areas with plumbing installations to know when there’s a plumbing leakage. Active alarms built into the water system can cut off the water supply if there is a leak.

5. Insulate Pipes 

During the winter, pipes leak and can explode due to environmental factors. When the water inside the lines begins to freeze because of the cold weather, it expands the pipe and can cause it to burst.

Water lines should be insulated in places like your garage, basement, and even beneath your sinks to protect your pipes. You'll be at peace knowing your pipes are safe with this insulation.

6. Act Quickly

Even with all these steps, you may still not entirely prevent leaks, which can lead to water damage. However, when water damage happens, your actions and how fast you react can determine the level of damage you face.

When you see any sign of water damage on your walls, ceiling, carpet, or others, the best thing you can do is to call a professional water damage restoration service. These experts have years of experience dealing with all forms of water damage.

They'll find out what caused the plumbing problem and fix it. After that, they'll clean and fix up any parts of your home or damaged belongings.

Get Professional Water Damage Restoration Services in South Side Corpus Christi, TX

SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East is one of the local leaders in the water restoration space in South Side Corpus Christi, TX. They have extensive experience with water damage and provide water damage restoration and mold removal services to both business and residential customers.

Their IICRC-certified restoration technicians are equipped and available 24/7 to respond to your water emergencies and protect your property from water damage.

They understand how distressing property damage may be and are committed to providing you with excellent services that give you peace of mind.

Call SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East at (361) 985-6444 today to speak to a restoration professional.

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