Recent Before & After Photos

Aransas Pass, TX/ Water damage

This local business was affected by a flooding in one of the condos that later affected the hallway. The hallway carpet was drenched with overrun water and need... READ MORE

Sinton, TX/ Smoke soot on dishware

Leftover smoke and soot following a fire are more than just smelly and unsightly. Exposure during fire restoration efforts can adversely affect your health. Chi... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Corpus Christi

This air conditioning closet had mold growth on the walls.  Prior to the remediation, the air conditioning unit was removed and cleaned off site so th... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning in Rockport, TX

This commercial building's air conditioning duct work had heavy accumulation of dust and dirt, as can be seen in the before picture.  Looking at the after ... READ MORE

Corpus Christi, TX/ Fire damage on doors.

A grease fire that started in the kitchen, quickly smoked up our customers house. This set of doors had a glossy finish which allowed for an easier cl... READ MORE

Corpus Christi, TX/ China Cabinet

A fire that started in the kitchen produced heavy smoke that moved quickly throughout the house.  We packed and moved the homeowners contents out of t... READ MORE